Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photomatic - Traveling Tintype Studio

Karen Stentaford was one of my photography teachers at Mount Allison University. She is a very talented artist, a fabulous teacher and a hard worker.
 If you are in the Eastport Maine area check out Photomatic Traveling Tintype Studio!

Vivian Maier - More Complicated

I found an updated article in Hyperallergic Newsletter about Vivian Maier today, which leaves us with a lot to think about.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Suzanne Heintz - " The Playing House Project "

Suzanne Heintz

I think Suzanne Heintz's is a remarkable and perceptive artist. She was recently written about, on the site, 22 Words by Jake Johnson. It is a very well written, comprehensive article, from an exclusive interview, that provided insight into the artist's background, and how it has influenced her, and The Playing House Project that has evolved from her photography project, entitled Life Once Removed.

I hope you will take the time to visit Jake Johnson's interview article and Suzanne Heinz's site. I think you will find it very worthwhile.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

" Every life is a story... A story can change the world! "

 After twenty years of sobriety and being an artist, Carl Jung has become an vital part of my world as a recovering person, and as an artist. Today I saw this picture above, and got to thinking, I wanted to do a search for women artists, who are also involved in creating art reflecting Jungian philosophy, and his ideas. Well I certainly did, and what I found is very exciting to me!

Mythic Journeys  is a site I found today after I did a search for artists who were basing their work in Jungian thought. On this site I found out about the artist Ann McCoy and her introduction to Dr. Patricia Ariadne's book entitled, Women Dreaming into Art: Seven Artists Who Create from Dreams

"Coeur de Lion" by Ann McCoy

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leonard Cohen - " So The Day Does Not Go Down In Debt "

" [Writing] begins with an appetite to discover my self-respect. To redeem the day. So the day does not go down in debt. It begins with that kind of appetite. " - Leonard Cohen

I so love this quote of Leonard Cohen's. It can be applied to any kind of creative process. It's not motivated by any thing else, but the creative process, in and of itself, and to discover that self-respect and redemption of the day, and having that creative appetite. It makes so much sense to me. To others it may seem very impractical, even delusional, particularly from a monetary perspective.
 I see it as a kind of letting go of the outcome, but continuing to work hard, through to the final outcome of the creative process.

Yesterday, I took a trip to a near by village where there is a new Art-Lab-Studios & Gallery  that has recently opened. I had a chance to drop in and speak to the artist on duty. We had a good heart to heart chat, about making a living or supporting yourself as an artist, the difficulties and struggles that you face. Regardless, we continue to pursue our creativity and art. I do believe is it because of what Leonard Cohen states in the quote above.

This week most gratefully, I was able to sell some of my work and I felt wonderful about the remuneration I received from a person whom I know, is very appreciative of my work as an artist. What a great feeling to firstly have someone truly appreciate my work, in supporting me morally, and monetarily. More often than not this is not the case, but it is vital that I not devalue what I do, by asking for less than what I know the work is worth. This is directly related to self-respect and not allowing " the day to go down in debt " in more ways than one.

I am certain, Leonard has known, like many artists, in a very personal way, how the days have gone down in debt, myself included, and today I choose not to let that happen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chuck Close - " A Portrait In Progress "

A few years back I had the wonderful opportunity to visit NYC with my fourth year University class at got the chance to see some Chuck Close paintings. What a fantastic artist, very engaging human being, and such a beautiful soul. Here's great interview on Eleanor Wachtel On The Arts.

"Inspiration is for amateurs, and the rest of us just show up and get to work."
 - Chuck Close